30 June 2014

Film of the Day #7: Van Helsing


Does anyone else have 3 hour naps, or is that just me? I was supposed to post this post about 4 hours ago. Whyyyyy am I so incapable of staying awake!? Also, I just started re-watching/catching up on True Blood, it really went properly batshit mental and kind of terrible! Productive use of my time as always.
Speaking of batshit mental and kind of terrible, today's film of the day is a gloriously bad treat. Like, so bad it's good. Well, not good, but it's certainly enjoyable! In the sense where it's massively fun to laugh at. Film of the Day is the awesomely bad Van Helsing!

Film of the Day! Hugh Jackman is so beautiful.

As I've mentioned before here, hate-watching films is one of my favourite past times. It's weird, I know. So when my boyf popped this bad boy on my automatic reaction was 'YAASSSS!'. Let's get into the film!
The film follows Van Helsing, a hunter of sorts, who fights the forces of evil. He is sent to protect/help the last of the Valerious family, who have vowed to kill Dracula and (for some reason) cannot enter Heaven until they have done so. Anywho, as bad luck would have it, there only remains one human member of the Valerious family, Anna, after a werewolf attack wounds the eldest brother. Dracula is trying to make some baby Dracula's (obviously) but after his betrayal and murder of Dr.Frankenstein and the loss of his Monster, he is unable get the spell/science right and they keep dying. Van Helsing and Anna must band together to keep Dracula from succeeding or finding Frankenstein's Monster, and find a way to destroy him. This is all further complicated by Van Helsing's amnesia and the fact that Dracula seems to know who he is and what he's done in the past. 

Guys, this is such a bad film. It is a fabulously camp old-school, B-movie and absolutely everything is over-the-top. Especially the acting, oh my days the acting is HILARIOUS. Dracula, played by Richard Roxburgh, is one of the most ridiculous villains I've seen in a film in a loooong time. It's amazing. Another issue is that the 'history' between Van Helsing and Dracula is baffling and there isn't even an attempt made to try and create a believable past. Or even a past at all. When there's a slight hint made that they may reveal the truth, they swerve past it with all the style and grace of a 10 car pile-up. Not to mention, the CGI is bloody awful, the storyline is shite,  and the 'chemistry' between Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale is not exactly sparkling (despite the fact they are both hideously attractive). And yet, for some reason, I love watching this film. I mean, it's almost offensively bad, but the acceptance and glorifying of the B-movie roots make it hard to dislike it. It just looks like they are having a blast, especially Dracula who is loving life. Also, it has the beautiful Hugh Jackman.

I'll leave it there tonight! I hope you enjoyed, if you've seen the film drop me a comment below or on any of my social media, I'd love to hear from you. It's definitely not a film everyone will like, but if you watch it in the OTT spirit intended, you may just find your new favourite film to Hate-Watch! Hope you're all well :). 


P.S. Seriously though, look at him.


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