20 March 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette 'Run Boy Run'


I felt like mixing up my greeting, just the kinda wacky person I am. I hope you all had/have/are having a fabulous day! Allow me to make it better by encouraging to spend all the money on makeup. You're welcome.

Makeup Revloution are a fairly new brand on the market that really picked up interest towards the end of last year. Being an eyeshadow addict (it is a real and sometimes concerning habit) I was immediately sold on the palettes that retail for £6.00 (£6.00!!). The Salvation palette's come with 18 eyeshadows, 12 of which are shimmer and 6 are matte and there are 7 in the range to choose from. I have the one I'm chatting about today and one other that I'll talk about at a later date. 

This is the Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in Run Boy Run. First up, let's chat packaging. The palette is a remarkably sturdy plastic case, which is even better considering the price. Compared to the Makeup Academy palette packaging, a brand that is incredibly similarly priced, for an extra £2.00 you get a full sized mirror and a palette you can be confident in knowing probably won't break the first time you drop it. 
As you can see there are 12 shimmer shades, ranging from the more delicate neutral to the more bold colours (forever in love with that cranberry shade) and 6 matte shades. As with a lot of palettes, the shimmer shades are a good deal more pigmented than the mattes. Not that the mattes are bad, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how pigmented they are.

 The swatches show the top row, down to the bottom row of matte shades. As you can hopefully tell, these are incredibly pigmented, this is just one swipe of each shade. The only ones that don't show up very well for me are the palest in the palette, but that's more down to my ghost-like complexion rather than a problem with the pigmentation! The bottom row of shimmers might actually be my favourite row of eyeshadow from any palette, ever. They are so beautiful. The red shade actually makes me happy inside. If you want to start experimenting with red eyeshadow, I'd definitely recommend this palette just for this eyeshadow. The colour would compliment all eye colours, but especially blue and green eyes, that bottom row would just make your eyes pop! The matte shades, like I said, don't pack quite the same punch, but given the quality of the other shadows, it would be exceptionally difficult. They are a little bit chalky, but nothing awful. They take a little bit of building up for a more concentrated dose of colour, but they are super for using as transition shades or for a little bit of definition. They are a wonderful addition to the palette, I'm always happy to see more matte shades, it allows for a bit more variation in looks. 
This is the palette in natural daylight and it is glorious. I could happily use it everyday. It does also come with a long eyeshadow applicator, but it was one of those rubbery things and I fairly promptly lost it. I'm also almost nearly certain it came with a plastic sheet of the names of the eyeshadows, buuuttt I also lost that. Winner! 
Overall, it's a beautiful palette that won't break the bank. If you're looking to introduce a little bit of colours to your neutrals, I couldn't recommend it more. If you're interested in purchasing, you can get it from Superdrug, or on the website here. I'd really recommend checking out the rest of their products, they have some absolute gems! I'm a huge fan of the £1 (£1!!) lipsticks.

I'll leave it there for tonight. If you've used any products from Makeup Revolution, let me know what your favourites are down below, or you can find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I'm thinking of running a competition on Instagram soon, so definitely pop by and give it a follow to find out when it's on! You can find me here. I hope you're all well.

Be kind and be happy, 
Becca xo


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