I never know how to start these About sections without sounding like I'm on a crap dating show.
Anyway, my name is Becca, I'm from Northern Ireland. I live with my lovely fiancé, Stefan, and our beautiful son, Elijah. My current favourite things in life (apart from the previously mentioned people) are; coffee, lie-ins (how I miss you), the sound of Elijah giggling at his dad, Harry Styles, boybands, reading books I'll never get to finish (thanks son), makeup, obsessing over interior decorating, looking through Pinterest for everything, scrolling through Instagram for 18 hours a day, photography, and, as it should go without saying, my adorable fam (1xMum, 1xDad, 2xSisters), our pup Molly who is WILDLY annoying but super adorable, and did I mention coffee?
On my blog, we'll chat about beauty, lifestyle, motherhood, films, and mental health. Mental Health is a subject particularly close to my heart, having been diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety when I was 23, having suffered with it since I was 11. My aim is to bring light to a serious illness, but also show how it is possible to live with it, and hopefully, to still thrive. 
Makeup and films were my initial relief from my depression; they gave me somewhere to go, something to inspire my to create, so they will always be important to me, and I hope I can show you something you like, something that helps you, or even just give you some inspiration yourself.
I am always on my Instagram, so if you have any questions you can catch me there, or you can find my contact info on this page. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my sometimes incomprehensible babble!

Becca xo


Motherhood, films, beauty, and life



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