24 June 2014

Film of The Day #2: Heathers


Today's FOTD (I really cannot be arsed writing Film of The Day 700 times) is the magnificent Heathers. It's really brilliant; supremely dark and very funny. 

Film of The Day! How I wanted to be Winona...
The film follows Veronica (Winona Ryder) as she tries to survive high school as a member of the Heathers, the disturbingly popular group of girls all called, weirdly enough, Heather. She meets the ridiculously dreamy and mysterious Jason Dean (Christian Slater) who turns out to be not so much mysterious, rather a straight up crazy person. Soon she quickly discovers, surviving high school can be murder. 
Even I cringe a little bit at that last line, I'm sorry. I'm not immune to the dramatic finishing line! Anyway, it's all very good! The teenagers are delightfully pretentious and fabulously obtuse in equal proportions. Whilst thinking they are so much wiser than the people they look down on, they are making terrible life choices. It's a great meditation on what it's like to be a teenager. I know I thought I was sooooo clever, but a read back on my journals tells me I was not. I was very, very not clever. 

There is a fascinating theme running throughout the film about the issue of peer pressure and popularity. Here we see beautiful people do stupid things, yet are idolised and celebrated, but when a character who is genuinely suffering does the same, she is mocked for trying to be 'popular'. There is a damning view on the glamorisation of beauty and the cruelty it can mask and the fact that beauty seems to excuse any mistreatment. Honestly, it's just a film I could talk about for hours. Also, it is ENDLESSLY quotable (just not in polite company). The film, released in 1988, is a big cult favourite and seem to be an antidote of sorts to the sickly sweet (yet totally addictive) high school romances that sprung up in the 80's. It is wickedly funny and Christian Slater (when he's not being totally mental) is disgustingly attractive. Just thought I'd throw that last bit in there... And you really should watch it!

Okay, that's me done for today! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you watch the film and if you do, let me know what you think. Drop me any and all suggestions down below or on my Facebook or Twitter, I will happily watch anything! Hope you're all fabulous :)


P.S. Look at him though. LOOK!


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