26 June 2014

Film of the Day #4: What to Expect When You're Expecting


Exciting news first! One of my best friends has invited me to join her on her blog Secrets of a Twenty Something, which is incredibly cool. I can't wait to start writing for the site and I hope you'll check out her blog. It's all about beauty, fashion, inspiration, and now, film! Have a look and you can check out my introduction to the site here

Onto the film! First of all, yes I know. After all my stellar choices (and they were STELLAR), today's film of the day is a bit of an odd one. If you haven't already read the title, today's FOTD is What to Expect When You're Expecting. I did say I'd be watching the good, the bad and the terrible! Basically, I couldn't pick a film, a problem that happens to me far more often than I can cope with! There's just sooo many I want to watch and if I pick just one I feel like the rest won't love me anymore! This is what I like to call a film bloggers problem, that or just a straight-up crazy person problem...SO, I was flicking through our (incredibly overloaded) Sky+ box and looking at all the shite I'd recorded when I spotted this bad boy. I figured I may as well give it a shot! Also, it has Anna Kendrick and I love her. I did not, however, love this film.

Film of the Day! It's terrible!
As I mentioned previously, I do love a bit of hate-watching (you can read all about it here). When I saw this bad boy on I figured I'd be getting to do one of my favourite things! And I did, because I hated nearly every character. The story is based on a factual pregnancy guide about the difficulties of, well, pregnancy. It follows a range characters in their different struggles with pregnancies and the strain on their relationships. I'm mostly just amazed they managed to turn a best-selling pregnancy guide into a fictional movie. Really shows Hollywood's dedication to making money from anything and everything! Whilst this potentially could have been a fun romantic comedy, there are just faarrrr too many characters crammed in there, most of whom I didn't give a shit about. In terms of actual character development, there really isn't very much, just a variety of one-note roles. Which is a shame, because this has quite the cast with Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick (girl-crush), Chris Rock and Jennifer Lopez all starring. Some of the stories are much better than the others, especially those of Jennifer Lopez and Anna Kendrick, which have some real moments of poignancy. If those stories had been given a little more room to develop, perhaps this would've been a better film. As it stands, it's just a bunch of ridiculously attractive people pretending to be knocked up.

Alright, I'm gonna leave it there for today, I hope you've enjoyed. If you've seen the film, let me know your thoughts down below or on any of my social media, which can be found on the sidebar. I hope you're all well and I'll speak to you tomorrow!



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