25 June 2014

Film of the Day #3: The Guard


I felt like catching up with my roots, so today's FOTD is from my (sorta) neck of the woods. Also, I do love a bit of homegrown cinema and The Guard is an underrated gem that I will never tire of watching! 

Film of the Day! I love Brendan Gleeson.
The Guard follows the shenanigans (there is no other word for them) of hilariously un-PC Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Gleeson). He is exactly the type of chap who says everything that comes into his head, regardless of how it might make you feel. In other words, in real life you'd avoid him like the plague, on film he is BRILLIANT. As he carries on with his decidedly illegal exploits (worst. policeman. ever), he's investigating an apparent serial killer with his new partner whilst the FBI arrive to investigate four Irish drug traffickers. It's all going on! Not that this bothers Gerry, who is only really concerned about prostitutes and his mother, the latter of which is a very sweet relationship, the former, not so much. Gerry soon realises that his murder victim is linked to the drug traffickers and that's when everything starts going wrong. After a tragic event, Gerry soon gets personally involved with trying to bring down the drug ring. Along with Wendell the FBI agent (played by Don Cheadle), he does everything in his power, and some things that shouldn't be, to get his form of justice. And he is ridiculously rude to everyone on the way. Except his Mother. And the prostitutes...

Honestly, this film makes me laugh everytime. It has such a great cast with Brendan Gleeson, Mark Strong and Don Cheadle all on top form. Gleeson is particularly brilliant. He should be utterly detestable, and yet for some reason, I kind of love him. The use of the Irish culture is also incredibly well done. The drunk, racist Irish stereotype is rolled out, but is done so boldly, it's hard not to laugh because it's quite clear they are making fun of everyone. Also, the John Michael McDonagh (the writer and director) is part Irish, and it's acceptable for the Irish to make fun of themselves! Don Cheadle is  great as the American straight-man who is utterly lost in the country that automatically assumed that all drug dealers were black (yes, that really happens). The philosophical debate about Nietzsche between the drug traffickers is also a high point! (Ha! HIGH point! DRUG dealers! I am hilarious.)

This film is not one to be watching with the parents, or on a first/third/tenth date. It does feature A LOT of swearing and a decent amount of a half naked Brendan Gleeson rolling around with prostitutes, but it is definitely worth a watch! 

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you found a new film to watch. If you do, let me know your thoughts down below or hit me up on any of my social media on the side and I will talk to you tomorrow!



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