02 March 2015

Foundation Smackdown: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation vs. L'oreal Infallible


I keep meaning to blog more and put up some more film posts, but it appears that as soon as I finish work the only thing I can do is sleep. And Instagram. Ultimate achiever! This was also meant to be a February Favourites post, but due to English weather not being able to tell that it is now meant to be Spring instead of Winter, it's too bloody dark to take photos. Oh life. So instead let's talk about one of my never-ending struggles: the search for the PERFECT foundation. And apologies in advance for the unbelievably crap photos!

Since I first ventured into the terrifying world of foundations when I was 14, smearing my mum's 3-shades-too-dark-for-me foundation allllll over my face, I have struggled with finding 'The One'. I have alternated between the too dark to the 'holy shit, it's Caspar' shades. Top Tip: just because you have rosy cheeks and pale skin, DO NOT think that the palest foundation of life will help you solve the problem. It won't. It'll make everything worse. Much worse. There are so many options out there, foundations for oily skin, dry skin, normal skin. Then there's the Matte foundations, or the Dewy foundations, or the What The Hell Does This Do foundation. I have tried them all. Well, not literally them all because that would be insane. (I am trying though...)

Most of my Foundation adventures are within the drugstore range because I am yet to be confident enough in an expensive foundation to want to spend money on it. I mean, what if I hate it?! I'll have spent £27 on a foundation I HATE, and I can't deal with that pressure. Although, Nars Sheer Glow is looking mighty fine...

SO, let's compare two foundations that claim to do the same thing: last all freaking day. 
My main desire in a foundation, is longevity. As I've said before I have rosy cheeks (like, super rosy) and all I want in life is a foundation that hides them all day and makes me look like an Instagram makeup artist. Is that so much to ask? (yes)
When I saw these, it seemed too good to be true, two drugstore foundations that could cover the rosiness for longer than an hour?! I was in. I've been using them both for about 1/2 months, and now it's time to discuss.

First off, neither of these foundations last all day. I am slowly and painfully coming to the realisation that this is just not something that is destined to happen for me. The L'oreal Infallible does last a considerably longer time than the Rimmel Lasting Finish, which is funny since the Rimmel one actually claims to last an hour longer. I don't know if it's just that it doesn't agree with my skin type, but it rubs off my nose so easily and leaves me looking a bit Rudolph for my liking. The L'oreal does fade, but not quite to the same extent. In terms of coverage and application, both look remarkably similar and offer the same decent amount of coverage, but the L'oreal Infalliable seems to buff into the skin better. With the Rimmel Lasting Finish, it seems to cling to every tiny hair on my face, and I have never thought I even had a particularly hairy face until I used this foundation. Which is funny, because that is the exact problem I had with the first packaging of the L'oreal Infallible, which I once bought about 5 years ago in a totally different bottle. I actually hated that foundation; it clung to my skin in the worst way and oxidised horribly, but about 2 years ago, L'oreal rebranded and changed the formula to give us the Infallible we have today. I really love this foundation for my skin type, it sits nicely on the skin without feeling too heavy, it's more easily buildable than the Rimmel Lasting Finish, which could look a little cakey. 

With any foundation, as I've said, it very much depends on your skin type. A foundation I hate, could be your holy grail and vice versa. I think mine might be a little dry for the Rimmel Lasting Finish so the L'oreal Infallible works well for me because it sits comfortably on top of the skin, rather than clinging to it. Colour wise, they are both a good match, but I'd say the L'oreal Infallible just takes it for me because the L'oreal colour match range is actually pretty fabulous for pale skin and matches my pink undertone. Rimmel can be a little shade too dark and yellow for me, but this is definitely one of the better matches. 

If you're interested in these foundations, you can get them in Boots or Superdrug, the L'oreal Infallible retails for £9.99, and the Rimmel Lasting Finish goes for £7.99. 

I'll leave it there for tonight, I hope you enjoyed this surprisingly long post about stuff you smear on your face. If you have any Holy Grail foundations, please let me know, I am open to all options! You can hit me up below, or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, all the links are on the side, I'd love to see you there! I hope you're all well, and I'll see you soon.

Be happy and be be kind,
Becca xo


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