11 February 2015

Dupes #1: Benefit Porefessional vs. L'oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream


First things first, L'oreal need sort themselves out and stop giving their products the LONGEST NAMES OF ALL TIME. Apart from that, we're pretty good. 

I am so tired, so very, very sleepy. And I still have to wash my hair, and I have A LOT of hair. I mean that in a Rapunzel, it's hella long kinda way, not in a weird way. ANYWAY. I'm obviously delirious. Which I can tell because it just took me 6 attempts to spell 'delirious'. 

Let's chat about some primers, shall we?
I had heard A LOT about Benefit's Porefessional on account of I spend a lot of time on YouTube. It was this magical solution to cover up any pores and generally improve the appearance of your skin. So, obviously, I had to have it. Except I saw the price of it, cringed internally, and continued buying terrible primers, just because I didn't want to spend big money. I tried nearly every primer from the high street to no avail UNTIL I found the L'oreal Blur Cream, which is nowhere near as expensive. And I liked it a lot, but because I have no self-control, I still bought the Porefessional. But if you think about it, I was performing a good deed and doing research for this post, I just didn't know it yet. (That's what I'm telling myself, and you can't take that from me!)
Benefit's Porefessional retails for £24.50, which, to my poor bank account, is a hefty price tag for something that goes underneath the makeup you actually see. It is a creamy product and a little goes a long way. You're meant to only really use the product on areas with open pores and it's designed to, essentially, fill up the pore and make makeup appear more flawless. It has a skintone pigment to it so it blends in nicely but it is also quite fragranced, so if you don't like fragranced products on your face, that may be something to consider. It is a great product. I'm not sure what I can say for either in terms of stretching the longevity of my makeup because I pretty much bathe my face in setting spray. I would say, both aren't especially moisturising, so they aren't fabulous with dry skin, definitely moisturise before applying.
L'oreal's Blur Cream retails for £9.99, and is almost always available in some sort of deal in Boots or Superdrug, normally a 3 for 2 which is my downfall every time. It is incredibly similar to the Benefit product in texture and appearance. It is not as creamy as the former, so it comes out of the bottle in the weirdest way. I mean, that's not a downfall for the product, just something I notice every morning. The bottle is a good bit harder than the Benefit product so it makes the product a little harder to squeeze out. The L'oreal product is designed to be an all round skin perfecter. I can't say that it 'perfects' my skin at all, but it certainly fills in any pores. You do need a little more of this product than the Benefit one, but you actually get more product in the tube, 25mls versus the Benefit's 22ml serving. 

I'd say, if you don't wanna spend the monies on the Benefit primer, the L'oreal is damn close for less than half the price. If you have large pores, both do a fabulous job smoothing out the surface of the skin. Like I said, I bathe in setting spray so don't know if they improve the length of your foundation, but they do make it go on much more smoothly. Truthfully, I do prefer the Benefit one, I like the texture more and coz I like feeling fancy with my pretty products. So vain, I know. But the L'oreal is my everyday, go-to.

I'll leave it there for tonight! If you have any more dupes, or just wanna chat, you can find me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Or, as always, you can drop me a comment below. I hope you're all well and I'll chat to you on Friday!

Be happy and be kind,
Becca xo


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