28 June 2014

Film of the Day #6: Honey


I have been very distracted by the World Cup and Wimbledon, it is not helping my film-watching abilities one bit. Today's film is one that was on T.V. between my sporting events. Apologies for the lacklustre efforts! In my defence though, I do distinctly remember this film being a big 'thing' when I was a baby teenager. So there's that, at least. Today's film is the cheerfully bad Honey.

         Film of the Day! Remember when Jessica Alba was a thing?   
The film follows Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) as she seeks to prove herself as a dancer and dreams of making a career of it. She's spotted one day by a music director, who inevitably ends up being a big creeper, and is put on her path to becoming a backup dancer and choreographer. She lives in a less than savoury area with all sorts of street violence lurking around the corner. Working in her Mum's community centre teaching dance, she tries to encourage kids off the street and into a dance studio. Trying to negotiate her friends, career, creeper boss, boyfriend, family and the kids, all sorts of trials and tribulations arise as she fights to achieve her dreams and open up her own studio. And there's a rousing dance number at the end to wrap it all up.

I remember when this film came out in 2003 and dance movies were becoming a big trend in cinema (see Step Up 1-34, Streetdance). Watching this with my friends, all I wanted to do was to be THE BEST DANCER EVERRRRR. Also, to learn how to do a backflip without murdering myself (achievement still not unlocked. sad face). Watching the film now, I can see why I could be swept along with it. Whilst the choreography scenes aren't quite as glorious as in the newer dance films, there's something so heartwarming about the last dance scene. To be fair, I might just be a sucker for tiny, adorable people popping and locking. The basic story following Honey try to succeed is fine, the approach is sickly sweet, but it's not terrible. It's when the genuine threat of street violence is introduced that the film gets a little stretched. One of the kids, Benny (played by Lil' Romeo. Or he was Lil' then) gets wrapped up in a gang and is caught dealing drugs. For a story that is supposed to be all about reaching for your dreams, this is a difficult point to put in there. With a little better treatment or a little more time to development it might've worked, but as it stands the basic premise is 'DANCE SAVES KID FROM DRUGS' and that's pretty much it. His dark storyline is pretty much swept aside just in time for the dance show at then end. So, yay for dance, I guess? It's not an offensively bad film, but it is sweet to the point of inducing diabetes at some points. Especially the end number and some of the song choices. Also, it reminded me of when Jessica Alba used to be bloody everywhere. That and she was so much better on T.V. Dark Angel forever, yo. I am really feeling my teen roots tonight haha.

Alright! I'll leave it there for tonight! There won't be a FOTD tomorrow because it's Sunday and that's my sleeping day ;). Until then, let me know if you've seen the film and what you think, you can hit me up on any of my social media or down below. And let me know, have you ever managed to learn one of the dance sequences!? I live in hope. Hope you're well!


P.S. Did you know there's a sequel!? It's very imaginatively called Honey 2, and I'm pretty sure it has like, nothing to do with this film. Maybe I'll give it a watch...


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