18 February 2015

Worth the Hype? Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliners


I said I'd be back, and here I am. PAT ON THE BACK. I mean, I'm late but I was having my heart TORN OUT AND STOMPED ON by The Originals (do you watch this?! Can we discuss?! Elijah!).

I'm tempted to make this the world's shortest blog entry and just say; yes, yes they are. Because they are, in fact, completely worth the hype and the money. Which, if you're trying to not buy them, doesn't really help you at all. Sorry!
I have gathered up a collection of 7 of these beautiful babies, and will very happily carry on collection them until I have them all. The pigmentation of these eyeliners is in-bloody-sane. I have never used a more creamy eyeliner in my life, so the payoff you get is unbelievable. The colour range you get is actually what draws me in the most. I love adding these to the waterline for a pop of colour, and because of the texture of the pigmentation, they last for absolutely ages in the waterline. The only thing I will say is, because of the creamy texture, I find it best to set underneath with an eyeshadow, just to make sure they don't smudge. 
Top to Bottom; Dime, Flipside, Honey, Deviant, Stag, Covet, Bourbon
L to R; Bourbon, Flipside, Stag, Deviant, Honey, Covet, Dime
These are my absolute favourite eyeliners, the only thing that stops me buying them all immediately is the price. These retail at £15.50 each, you can get them from here or here, if you're in the States. They are definitely a pricier item, but for the quality and the amount you get they are worth it in my mind. I've had most of mine for over 5 years and they're still going. If you don't fancy splashing out that much for an eyeliner, Essence's Long Lasting Eye Pencil has a great range of colours, which you can look at here. They aren't as pigmented, but for £1.50(!!), you can't go wrong. Rimmel Scandaleyes liners are also fabulously pigmented and can be found in any Boots or Superdrug, the only problem is finding the full range of colours. And the range of colours is really what sets aside these liners, Honey and Covet are two of the most beautiful liners I've ever seen! 

Alright, I'll leave it there for tonight! If you have any liner recommendations, leave them down below, or hit me up on Facebook, where you can give the page a 'like' to keep up (subtle as always), Twitter, or Instagram (which I am never off). I will chat to you later!

Be happy and be kind, 
Becca xo


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