02 February 2015

Favourites: Liquid Liner Edition


I am having a bad day. I am severely ill. Deathly ill. This may be the last time you ever hear from me. Let's make it a good one!

I have been buying liquid liner since I was 13, and that was largely because I saw somebody else wearing it and it looked awesome on them. Thus began the journey to master the liquid liner, a journey that continues till this day, and no doubt will continue until I am 75 and refusing to acknowledge that my eyes are too wrinkly for a winged liner. My first liquid liner was the Collection Fast Stroke, which, if memory serves me right, was £1.99? Ah the hours I lost desperately trying to get that bad boy to go on my eyes in something slightly resembling a straight-ish line. Good times! I have branched out (slightly) since them, so let's run through my current favourite liquid liners! 
Top to bottom: NYC High Definition Liner, Soap and Glory Supercat, Collection Extreme 24 Hour Liner and Illamasqua Precision Ink.
So, obvious disclaimer here. Obviously I have not been lucky enough to try all the liquid liners (a girl can dream!), these are just my personal favourites from those that I have used. If you have any suggestions, definitely leave them down below for me!

Let's start with NYC High Definition Felt Tip Liner. I bought this after struggling with the liner I had been using at the time, possibly a Maybelline one. The problem I was having was that the previous liner kept smudging on me, which was an absolute pain in the arse, as you can imagine. I stopped by my local Superdrug where I found this lovely. I will always prefer a felt-tip style liner, largely because having misspent my youth attempting to master the bottle liners, I realised it was doomed to never happen. And, even better, this only costs £2.99, which is a bargin! Superdrug also often run offers on the NYC brand where none of the products reach over £2.50, ACE. 
The liner itself is great, particularly for the price. It is a slightly drier formula that requires a little bit of building up to deepen the pigmentation but it does dry very quickly, so you never suffer the dreaded 'I blinked when my liner was wet and now I've ruined my face' situation. The tip can get a little floppy after a lot of uses, which makes the liner a little more difficult to apply, but for the price and product, that's a minor complaint. You can get it here.

Next up is Soap and Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen. How I wish they would shorten the names of the liners. This is fairly new to my collection. My sister bought some makeup at the Boot's S&G makeup stand when she was visiting me, and got a 2nd free liner so she gave it to me because she's wonderful. This liner retails at £6.00, so again, not breaking the bank. Even better, it's usually on a 3 for 2 offer (how I love Boots). It is a super pigmented black with a lovely tip for precision. It's a lot sturdier than the NYC liner. The formula is a little wetter than the other so it takes a bit longer to dry, but once it's on it is very long lasting. You can get it here. And definitely check out the rest of the Soap and Glory makeup, its fabulous!

Then we have the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner. I have this in a lovely turquoise and a purple colour. When they say '24 Hour', they are not messing around AT ALL. This is, without question, the longest lasting liner I have ever used. Ever. As in, it's actually quite difficult to get off. It is very similar in formula and pen style to the Soap and Glory, it's a sturdy tip and great pigmentation. The colours are lovely as well. It retails for £2.99, and if you're in the market for the longest lasting liner of all time, then this may be the one for you! You can get it here.

Last up, we have the Illamasqua Precision Ink. I have these in Havoc, Scribe and Wisdom. They are a beautiful prune purple (worst description ever, but I swear it's lovely!), a stark white and a gorgeous bronze/gold brown. 
Top to bottom; Wisdom, Havoc and Scribe.
These are seriously pricey for a liner, retailing at £20, but Illamasqua has a legendary sale every once-in-a-while and I got these for £7.50, which is a total bargin! These are some of the only 'bottle' type liners I own, the tip (thankfully) is not flimsy in the slightest and is actually very similar to the tip on the pens. It does take a little getting used to the handle, but asides from that, I love them! The formula is quite unusual, it is obviously wet, what with it being in a bottle and all, but it dries very quickly. It looks as though it would be quite runny but it's actually quite thick, I would say try and avoid getting it in your lashes because of this. it can make applying mascara a little difficult. The colours are part of what makes these for me, they are so unusual and I love wearing something a little different to my black once in a while. You can get these here.

And a special mention to some other favourites!
These are the Collection Glam Crystals in 'Rock Chick', 'Shake it Up' and 'Funk' and they are fabulous. They retail for £2.99 and are super pigmented for glitter liners and come in a great range of colours. They're a great dupe for the Urban Decay Heavy Liner glitter liners that cost £14.00, not quite as pigmented, but still a great liner. You can get them here.

Alright! Enough rambling tonight, I will chat to you all again on Wednesday, providing I haven't died between now and then (I am VERY ILL). If you have any liner suggestions, leave them down below, I'd love to check them out. Or, you can leave me a comment on any of my social media, I'd love to see you there! My Facebook is Becca Button, please pop by and give me a like, or I'm always on Instagram here, username is @_beccabutton! I will see you again soon (hopefully).

Be nice and be kind.
Becca xo


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