04 August 2013

This is new!


So this carry-on is new! Never thought I was a bloggy type person. Largely because I am terrible at keeping up a blog. I've tried like 3 times and every time I've just sorta...drifted away from them. This time will be different! I can feel it.

Anywho, I'm not entirely sure what I want to achieve with a blog. I guess I've sorta accepted it's the way forward to anything that I want to do. I am weirdly comfortable with talking to faceless strangers though, moreso than talking to people face-to-face probably...which is alarming. 

So. Who am I? The eternal question. I am...Becca. Yup, that's a good start! But as Juliet once said "what's in a name?" (oh yeah, check my Shakespeare reference out!). Nothing's in a name, I just wanted to show off. I am a self-confessed film addict. Like, if they had a support group for that sort of carry-on, I'd be in it. But there's not, so I'm cool.

I like all sorts of films. Even the exceptionally bad ones, and I'm not sure why I like them, I just do! There's something about creating a whole new world that totally boggles and amazes me and, most importantly, inspires me. After seeing a great film I feel like I can achieve nearly anything. That's the beauty with films; they make you believe the impossible is possible. I came out of Black Swan thinking I was a ballerina, The Dark Knight thinking I was a superhero and out of The Shining with a deep mistrust of anyone working in a hotel. 

Now to the important issue. What does that craic have to do with yon bloggity blog? So, I have made a list of things I want to do. Most of which have absolutely nothing to do with what I've just written, but some are alllll about this obsession. I want to write a screenplay, I want to write about films, for films. Essentially, I'm aiming to break into one of the most difficult industries in the world. Never let it be said that don't aim high!

So for you, faceless and possibly non-existent reader, this is what we will talk about. Films, and my desperate attempt to succeed. If you enjoy humiliation, paralysing self-doubt and crippling insecurity, you'll love this! 

Peace out.


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