09 August 2013

Horror films, 'The Conjuring' and disappointment.


So I was meant to see The Conjuring tonight. I have been looking forward to seeing it for SO LONG. The trailer is that good. I'll link it here below for those few that haven't seen it, or for anyone who likes a cracking trailer.

So, yes. We (my sister, her boyfriend and me) get to the cinema and the line is out the door and down the street. Which, whilst a good sign for the movie industry, not a good sign for us getting tickets. So we wait for 10 minutes, finally get in through the door, only to overhear the people at the till say that it was sold out. GUTTED. I don't think I've ever been quite as excited to see a scary film in a long time, so to not get in was VERY DISAPPOINTING. I know, I can just go and see it another time, but I got myself all excited for it! I put makeup on for frig's sake! 

When I got home I got to thinking, what was the last scary film I saw in the cinema that properly terrified me? I find that in today's society, with being more exposed to real life horror (cheers media), it becomes increasingly difficult for a film to genuinely induce fear. I remember when Paranormal Activity (2007) came out and it was massive, and honestly, did scare me. I watched it on my laptop, in an empty house, with the headphones on and I have never feared for my life and sanity more. Obviously, with any big film comes the inevitable backlash, but that film achieved a great deal on a small budget. Certainly a great deal more than a lot of bigger budget horror films can achieve. Having said that Paranormal Activity 2-34, not quite as effective. Although, I did quite like 3...

The last scary film I remember seeing in the cinema, that properly terrified me was The Descent (2005). Holy shit. That film is amazing. Sitting in the dark, empty, cramped cinema in my town you felt like you were genuinely in the caves. There's a lot to say for watching a film in the right conditions. My friends who I saw it with, had to leave the screen because they were so freaked out. Essentially, it's about a group of women who go on a trip following a tragic event, only for shit to get even worse. They go into spelunking (mentalists) in some caves, and find something terrible in there... I would advise anyone to see that film, unless you're claustrophobic, then I'd probably skip it.

Honorable mention goes to Sinister (2012), not a perfect horror film by any means, but so atmospheric and so creepy in a cinema. Sure, I sorta hated the main character played by Ethan Hawke, which took away from it a little, but everything else was pretty great. The music especially is super effective.

Obviously, I've seen other horror films that scared the crap out of me, but a lot of the time I don't get to see them in the cinema. It is very difficult in a tiny town to get seeing any good films, especially when the cinema still plays films that are about to be released on DVD. Which is just strange. 

So, what horror films have you seen in the cinema that scared you senseless?v Have you seen The Conjuring? Thoughts? Let me know! In the meantime, I'll leave this terrifying poster for The Conjuring below, for you too to be scarred by the super creepy doll. 
I fricking hate dolls.

Peace out!

P.S. If you're big into horror films as well, check out www.bloodydisgusting.com!


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