13 March 2015

25 Facts About Me!


I'll be real with you, I was going to post about the Makeup Academy Undress Me palettes but as I was editing the photos I realised that I, like a bellend, had forgotten to take all the pictures. I am such a smooth blogger. Super smooth. So I thought instead we could get to know each other a little better, assuming of course that you want to get to know me! Also, I've already told you an alarming amount about me, why not add to the list?!

Here goes;

1. I have 2 sisters, 1 older and 1 younger (middle child syndrome is definitely a thing) and a very lovely Mum and Dad. And also an INSANE dog.  
Deceptively cute.
 I also have a second family (my boy's lovely lot) with a Mum, Dad and 2 sisters. Sadly, we lost his twin brother in 2008 and his sister in September but they are forever in our hearts.  We also have 10 nephews and nieces who I love and adore. 

2. I am originally from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland but I moved to England with my boy just over a year ago.

3. Speaking of my boy, I have been in a relationship for 9 years, 10 years this May. I have spent a decade with him. A DECADE. I do like him a lot. We got engaged Christmas 2014 and it was wonderful. 
4. Ever since I was little I have been in love with films and have always wanted to act. I used to make my little sister (the older sister was far too cool to hang out with us, there were books to be read!) re-enact the entirety of The Lion King, in which I acted all the best characters and she always had to be the bad guys. Always. Poor pet!

5. 90's music is, and always will be, my absolute favourite. Nothing will be better. It is cheesy and amazing. Backstreet Boys are life. 

6. My first proper crush was John Smith in Pocahontas. You can imagine my disappointment when I realised it was Mel Gibson. I mean, that was fine once upon a time, but he's a bit of a trainwreck now. Hilariously, he is the complete opposite of my type! Flynn Rider in Tangled though... 
Let's be honest, Disney princes in general. I blame them for my high standards in men. 
7. My favourite programme on right now is The Originals. I have no words for how much I love that show. I know it's supposed to be a 'teen' show, and vampires are 'so overdone' but I JUST DON'T CARE. I am so involved. Also, Game of Thrones because IT IS AMAZING.

8. Corresponding nicely with that, my ultimate TV crush at the minute is Elijah (Daniel Gillies). HOLY SHITBALLS. THAT JAW. 
9. My all-time crush is Johnny Depp. I have been in love with that man since I was 11. Cannot say how disappointed with his mid-life crisis; the movie choices are terrible. Having said this, I am a very dedicated person. Once I love a person, I really love that person. Like, hardcore. And I am known to get a teeny, weeny, little bit obsessive. James McAvoy and Tom Hiddleston are featuring high on the list. I sound so creepy. Swear I'm not. (Maybe a little) (But in a good way!)
I mean, COME ON.
10. I am a feminist, which is something I say without shame or feeling like I need to qualify in any way. I love men (as is evidenced by the majority of my 'facts' being about men I am in love with) but I am a firm believer that all genders should be equal. 

11. I am also 110% pro the LGBT community. I am pretty much in favour of everyone being given equal rights and everyone getting to do what they want, regardless of how they identify.

12. I have quite bad social anxiety, by which I mean I am VERY BAD with crowds and people in general. I have learnt how to deal with it quite well, but any social changes (new people, having to talk on the phone to people I don't know) makes me very nervous to the point of trying to not have a panic attack. It's so good I have a job where I never have to talk to people on the phone! (I say that with full sarcasm, that is literally 75% of my job).

13. I love writing, I am forever plotting and re-plotting books and scripts. My life aim (and it's a big one) is to write a book, or, even better, a script. I love the thought of seeing something I wrote on screen. 

14. I am a panicker. I do not do well with deadlines, they make me indescribably nervous. Hence my very sporadic posting! I am getting a little better though, at least, I think so haha.

15. My absolute, all time favourite time of year is Winter. October-December are the best months!

16. I love, LOVE horror films. Like, all horror films, especially the really bad, cheesy American remakes. They are so bad they make me happy.

17. I am not a morning person. I am beyond the opposite of a morning person. I am a bed person.
18. I am a massive crybaby. I will, and have been known to, cry at everything. Including adverts on TV. I just have a lot of feelings! (10 points to Gryffindor if you get that reference)

19. My ultimate pet hate is rude people. Also, people who talk/use their phones in the cinema, but I guess it falls into the same category, because only rude toolbags use their phone in the cinema. FACT.

20. I am forever trying to see the good in people. I have been told frequently that I do this to a fault, but I'd rather see the good than the bad!

21. My favourite place to be is the beach. I could happily spend all day sitting beside the sea, I think it's so peaceful.

22. I have been considering starting a YouTube channel since the OG days of 2007/8 but keep putting it off. Largely because I hate the sound of my accent. I have been a hardcore YouTube fan for a very long .time. My all-time forever favourite is communitychannel. You should watch her immediately. You are welcome.

23. Trying to think of my all-time favourite films might actually cause me an aneurysm BUT I can give my current top films. At the minute it is Shaun of the Dead (always in the top 10), Sunset Boulevard, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Rebel Without A CauseEdward Scissorhands and The Guest. Just know, I nearly died coming up with that list. I am v.dedicated.

24. My favourite thing to do when I am home alone is dance party it out. Spotify on, volume up, and dance party my ass off. The only thing that ruins it are the smug Spotify ads that know they are ruining my dance party and taunt me by saying if only I upgraded to Premium. Bastards. This is a current (always) favourite! 

25. Let's end on a weird one! I only like numbers that are multiples of 5, I dunno why, I think I just like the symmetry. Like I said, I do have a touch of an obsessive personality. Everything has be be right where it should be or I'll not be a happy bunny. I PROMISE I'M FUN.

Alright, I'll leave it there for tonight! Let me know any interesting, or not interesting, facts about you. Do you share any of my obsessions? You can hit me up down below in the comments, or find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, my links can all be found on the side. I will chat to you soon!

Be happy and be kind,
Becca xo

And here's a flashback song because, like I said, 90's music is THE BEST. And this is a classic.


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