14 November 2014

Netflix: The Good, The Bad and The Terrible. #1


I have mentioned before I have a teeny tiny addiction to Netflix. Like, miniscule. Or, okay, a huge massive addiction. Worryingly so. Currently I am happily working my way through pretty much everything that doesn't make me want to throw up. And a few that do. So welcome to a new feature on the blog! (I have to make use of the many, many, many films that I have now seen.) I am going to pop a review up of some of the gems (ha!) that I've seen.

Today's 'gem' is LOL, and yes, that is the actual name. And I'll not lie, this film is bad. Like, really bad. What it should really be called is Why Miley Cyrus Should Stick To Twerking/Singing. And I'm not normally one to advocate anyone twerking, especially if it's Miley. 
The film is a remake of the French film of the same name and follows a teenage girl called Lola, whose nickname is 'Lol'. Which is just ridiculous because she has a face on her like a slapped arse THE ENTIRE FILM. Anyway, the film follows 'Lol' and her wild and wacky adventures as she tangles with boys and her mum. After apparently being MADLY in love with a boy, she is devastated when he tells her (in the most unintentionally hilarious scene I've seen in a while) that he has cheated. But not to worry! She's always had an uncomfortably close relationship to his bff who's also her bff so she just switches onto him instead. Which takes all of 5 minutes. Character development? Plot Development? Psshhh, who needs that when we have attractive teenagers talking about sex! While 'Lol' is dealing with these very important issues, her Mum is being 'hip' and 'cool' whilst also telling her daughter not to do everything that she herself is doing. This movie is baffling, hilarious and infuriating. And bad. Really, really bad. I might add it to my Hate-Watch list, the highest honour I can give to a terrible film. Miley will be so happy.

The main problem is obvious from the beginning of the film. Nobody can act. Literally everybody, with maybe the exception of the blonde bff whose name I can't remember (not a great sign), has forgotten how to act. Miley might have a great singing voice but her facial expressions are either 'This is as happy as I get' or 'Engage: Pout Mode'. Both of which get used excessively in this film. Miley isn't the only culprit though. Demi Moore, who's been doing the acting thing for a while, looks like she's completely forgotten how to move her face. 

No amount of Oscar-worthy acting could save the characters (or story) though. Everyone is very annoying and for a film trying to tell me that these lads were the bestest friends the world has ever seen, nobody seemed to really like each other. And Miley's 2nd bff just disappeared after about 2 minutes screentime. Everyone acts totally inexplicably and I'm not entirely sure why Miley was so in love with the first boyfriend, because he is a raging toolbag. And really, 'Lol' is far too annoying to be around for longer than 5 minutes. Basically, I hated pretty much everyone in this film. Especially 'Lol', who keeps the weirdest shit in her diary, which she hides under her bed wrapped up in her Mum's cardigan and then is confused when her Mum finds it. No teenager is that stupid. And I sincerely hope no teenager is sticking condom wrappers in their diary. Because that's really weird. 

This is a very confusing film to aim at teenagers. It is all about sex, drugs and boys--topics that are all increasingly relevant in a modern society, but pretty much the main message seems to be 'look! Miley's smoking weed and doing sex! Isn't she lovable and cool?! And Demi Moore has a joint too! We're so edgy'.  I'm not a prude by any stretch, but the film doesn't actually seem to have much of a social commentary other than...well, I don't actually know. One of the characters loses her virginity to another who is deemed 'uncool' therefore she is to be ashamed. But don't worry about it, she only did it as a practice run! And to gloss over this less than savoury note, she ends up going out with him and it is never mentioned again. If you're going to aim a film about sex at teenagers, at least give them something more to take away other than 'Douglas Booth is a babe' or 'Miley does drugs and has sex, she's my idol'. 

On the plus side, Miley does not once do that weird tongue thing she keeps doing. Plus 10 points for Miley!

Alright! I'll leave it there for tonight, I hope you enjoyed reading my rant about why Miley should staahhpppp it. If you want to keep up with any other ramblings, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, links are all on the sidebar, I'd love to see you there! I hope you're all well and I will talk to you soon :).

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