19 July 2014

Film of the Day #15: How To Train Your Dragon 2


Currently I am watching Snowpiercer. Holy spaceballs, it is BRILLIANT, also brutal. Expect a review/discussion soon! 
Today's FOTD, is not technically from today. Today, I am stuck in a binge watch of EPIC proportions with Veronica Mars. I'm not sure if it's a fictional character I want to be my best friend, or Kristen Bell, but either way, I want one! Also, Logan Echolls yo, Logan. Echolls.

Alright! Today's film is How to Train Your Dragon 2, which is just fricking ace. 

Film of the Day! I WANT A DRAGON.

The film comes 5 years after the events of the first film. Hiccup and his dragon Toothless have ensured that their village live in peace with dragons and everything looks AWESOME. Hiccup's dad, Stoick, wants him to take over as Chief of the village, but Hiccup would rather fly around with Toothless and discover new land. On one of these adventures with Astrid, they discover a mysterious ice formation that has marooned a boat full of dragon trappers. Only a figure from Hiccup's past can help him defeat the danger of a ruthless dragon army.

This is SO GOOD. There aren't enough Caps Lock to fully emphasise just HOW GOOD this is. The film is insanely beautiful, the swooping flying shots, the scenery are all so incredibly detailed. I saw it in 2D but it is such an immersive environment it feels like you could touch it. I imagine the 3D is even more impressive, given that it was shot with 3D in mind, unlike many of the post-filming conversions that are done to try and make money. I could genuinely watch Hiccup and Toothless soaring through the sky for hours. 
Beyond the actual beauty of the film, this has so much more to offer. A lot of animated films seem to sacrifice the idea of 'character development' to try fit in a few more jokes, or they've spent so long making it beautiful the characters offer very little. Not the case here. The characters here feel as real and tangible as in a non-animated feature. Actually, a lot more. Hiccup is such a great character for a kids film particularly, he is flawed but wants to try so hard to be better and that's kind of great to watch. The relationship with his father is particularly touching and affecting. 
The storyline is pretty fabulous and involving, and the themes of acceptance and the notion of unending love are beautifully played and incredibly touching. For a cartoon this is an emotional, action-packed watch. Not even the slightest bit ashamed to say I cried at this film. A lot. 

If you haven't seen the first film, I really couldn't recommend it more if I tried. I genuinely believe that anyone who doesn't like these films, probably doesn't have a soul. Harsh, but fair. Also, if anyone could get me a dragon I would love them forever.

Okay! I'll leave it there for tonight, if you've seen the film or have any questions or suggestions, hit me up below or on my social media! And if you have Bloglovin' hit me up there and I'll find you (which sounds super creepy, sorry). I hope you're all well and I'll chat to you sooooooon :) 



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