05 July 2014

Film of the Day #12: The Crow


Y'know when you have that moment when you realise you maaayyyy have taken on a little bit too much? I have that feeling. I have some essays to do and a film a day might (definitely) won't be possible. Sorry! I'm annoyed at myself, if that helps. I was doing so well! So, I'll carry on posting more regularly than I was, which admittedly, was not very often, but it won't be daily. Hopefully weekly or twice weekly! I still love you all dearly OBVIOUSLY and I hope to be back daily blogging asap :). I have big plans for this blog and it's going to be getting a makeover soon which I am VERY excited about. It's going to be beauuuuuutiful :).

Anywho, now I have my emotional confession out of the way, onto the film! Today I watched the cult classic The Crow, and I had forgotten just how good this film is!

Film of the Day!
The film follows the tragic story of Eric Draven (Brandon Lee, son of Bruce), a lovely chap who was brutally murdered after a gang broke into his home and tortured and raped his finance, Shelley. It really kicks off on a light note, as you can see. On the anniversary of their deaths, a mysterious crow raises him from the dead to seek his revenge. And he goes alllll out on the revenge front. Helped by Sergeant Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) and Sarah, a young girl who he and Shelley cared for, he seeks to find the vengeance that will grant him peace. It is bloody as frig. 

The film was a massive success on release- both critically and commercially- but was tainted, and still is, by the tragedy of Lee's death on set. Whilst filming a scene where his character gets shot, he was shot by accident. Time constraints meant that the gun wasn't properly cared for and loaded with the proper material for the scene, the gun was improperly deactivated and so when fired, critically injured Lee. Brandon Lee's death leaves the film with an air of unshakeable melancholy, as we watch a man seeking to make the most of his last moments on Earth. He is brilliant in this film and stands as a fantastic testament to a talent lost far too soon. He is darkly funny, threatening, and brilliantly physical. The storyline is engrossing; dark and twisted. There's nothing more odd than watching someone on a murderous rampage and wishing them on. And stylistically speaking, the film is strangely beautiful in terms of how it is shot. It creates a dark and terrifying society, where a person isn't even safe in their own home. It's easy to see why they are so desperate to create a remake of the film, but it's hard to see how they could ever top it. At the minute, Luke Evans is attached to star and he's a very good actor and impossibly handsome, but it seems a bit pointless to try a re-do a film that's already pretty great as it stands. Also, the soundtrack is BEYOND ace, it actually makes the film that much better. Often soundtracks are run-along that don't really add anything, but here it really completes the film.

Alright! I'll leave it there tonight, if you've seen the film or have any thoughts, hit me up on my social media or down below! I hope you're all well and I'll chat to you soon :). 



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