23 January 2014

Films, Stress and Happiness


HAPPY NEW YEAR! You can still say that half way through January, right?! And I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas :). 

So my whole "I'll talk to you next week!" thing has been working out really well, I know. Try to not be too jealous of my magnificent scheduling. Yes, it's been a while (nearly 2 months to be precise, BAD BECCA) but I do have some valid reasons! After A LOT of frantic searching I finally got a job, which was bloody marvellous. I didn't realise just how much the whole thing was stressing me out and bringing me down until I got the job, and then it felt like this massive boulder had been lifted off me. I spent a while adjusting to the new place, new people and new demands and just as I felt like I was settling in (I hope you can sense the impending doom) the place got bought over. Which meant that all our jobs were on the line, and as the newbie, I could actually feel the knife edge of the chop. Still can. We had to interview for new jobs etc etc, but I haven't got high hopes because; 1) because I'm not that way mentally inclined and 2) because I still wander about the current place in a state of confusion. So that boulder is slowly lowering back onto my shoulders, SUPER. 

This is exactly what I look like when I'm stressed.

If it hadn't been for the very inconvenient timing of the real world, I would have been uploading some life-changing reviews! For example I saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which was SO GOOD. The girl-crush on Jennifer Lawrence continues! Also, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, another incredible film, if slightly bum-numbingly long. I want a dragon. It's also ruined by best intentions to spend all my money in the cinema, WHY LIFE?! But I will prevail! 

When I'm feeling stressy, miserable and generally baffled about life, that's the best time to reach for a DVD or 6. I like concentrating on other people's problems instead of my own, because I have issues. I have a bit of a set-list when it comes to my happy place films, generally it involves anything Disney, a rom-com or 20 and comedy films galore! So here's the playlist for the next few days;

1) Easy A
2) Pitch Perfect
3) The Breakfast Club
4) Any one of the 30 Disney films that I own (or all of them...)
4) Heathers
5) Bridesmaids
6) Clueless
7) Shaun of the Dead
8) Mean Girls
9) Hot Fuzz
10) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Really representing the rom-coms there... Now this is only the first few days, after a while I'll have to watch some films for a good cleansing cry over somebody else's problems. I am aware how terribly creepy that sounds, I'm sorry.

I feel like this is where my obsession with films began, with trying to cheer myself up or distract myself. I remember when I was younger, the first movie my mum bought us was The Lion King (excellent choice Mama) and I used to watch it endlessly. I'd make my younger sister re-enact the entire film, poor pet had to be Scar because I INSISTED that I was always the good guy. When I was feeling lonely or sad, that film would distract for a while. As I got older, the loneliness and sadness got a bit harder to deal with, but throw on a film and for a few shining moments, I could be distracted by some ridiculously good looking people with baggage! 

I'll leave it here for this episode (I've been watching a lot of TV lately...) and I'll chat to you next week! Sorry again for my terrible scheduling, I pinky promise I will up my game. In the meantime, if you have any films you like to watch to cheer you up, drop me a comment! 

Byyyeeeeeeeeee :)


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