28 January 2015

High Street Hits: Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes


Look! I'm posting when I said I would! I'm not necessarily saying you have to give me a prize, I'm just saying if you wanted to give me prize, I would be a-okay with that.

Onto the post! Like I said in my first post of the year (which you can see here), I am branching out a little on the blog front. Movies are still, forever and always, my true love, buuuuuttttt I am not entirely monogamous in that love. Terrible, I know. 

Today we'll be chatting about eyeshadow, in particular, Sleek eyeshadow palettes. Now, I have been told, on no less than 74 occasions, that I buy 'too much eyeshadow'. If we ignore the outright ridiculousness of the statement because, as everyone knows, there is no such thing as 'too many eyeshadows', the fact still remains that I do have more palettes than the average human being. Like, a lot more. My name is Becca, and I am an eyeshadow addict. 
I told you!
The problem I always found with maintaining this habit is the difficulty in getting good quality palettes for a reasonable price. I love Urban Decay as much as the next person with eyeballs (so beautiful) but spending that much money on a palette isn't always achievable. And that's where Sleek comes in. 

I actually discovered Sleek after doing my routine trawl through my baby sister's makeup collection (I really love looking through other people's makeup, I'm not the only, right?!). She had the Au Naturel palette which is a beautiful neutral palette and as soon as I saw it, I was onto the website so fast even my head spun a little. 
As you can see, I have built up quite the collection now and they are some of my most used. They are £7.99 and although you can find a wider range online, you can also find them in Superdrug and Boots across the UK. It's great to be able to get Sleek in store now. If there is one area the High Street fails in the beauty market, it's in the lack of range, quality and availability in eyeshadows. L'oreal do some lovely single shadows like the Colour Riche or the Infallible range, but not only are they not widely available in the UK in terms of the shades, they also cost around the same price for one shadow as it is for the Sleek palettes. 
Top; V2 (mattes), 2nd Row; Primer, Oh So Special, 3rd Row; Bad Girl, Storm
The Sleek palettes come with 12, largely shimmery shades. Most of the palettes come with at least 1-2 matte shades, which is one of the only problems I have; I would love a couple more matte shades for blending. Having said that, they do have 2 strictly matte palettes; V1 and V2, the former are bright mattes, the latter a lovely range of more neutral colours. V2 is actually one of my favourites of all my palettes just because of how versatile it is. The shimmery shades are amazing and incredibly smooth and pigmented. There is a little bit of fallout, but nothing that isn't manageable. Overall, I am deeply in love with them and we're getting married. If you are as in love with the eyeshadows as I am, you can find them in Boots or Superdrug or at www.sleekmakeup.com. Have fun!

Alright beautifuls! I will leave it there for tonight, if you have any thoughts, leave them below or hit me up on my social media. Let me know if you've tried these palettes or if you have any other hits that you want to share! I'll chat to you all on Friday.

Be nice and be kind.
Becca xo

P.S. This totally just happened too...I have a problem! A problem I am very happy never fixing. I'm no quitter!


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