06 November 2013

In Cinemas: Thor: The Dark World


I went to the cinema and it was a glorious, hideously overpriced good time to be had by all. Before I get to the film reviewing, just a quick word on the trailers. Trailers tend to be highlight for me when I go to the cinema, weird but true. Not to mention the fact that I regularly get sucked into the black-hole that is trailer watching on YouTube. You watch one, three hours later you realise you've watched 200. So, I was excited for the trailers before the film and I was not disappointed. If you haven't seen the trailers for The Hunger Games or Gravity you are missing out on life. I'll link them here and here so you can rejoin society ;). Words can't even state how excited I am for these bad boys!

ONTO THE FILM! I saw this:

And it was pretty great! The Marvel films have become a little bit of a cinematic event now after the massive successes of Ironman and The Avengers so when a new one comes out, it's with a lot of fanfare. Tom Hiddleston has been promoting his ass off, for which I thank him. His dancing is my new favourite thing in the world. I do not thank him, however, for the raging obsession. It's taking over my life. PLS STAHP TOM.

The film itself is a pretty solid entry into the canon, it is a genuinely enjoyable, and very funny film. I don't want to say too much about it, because I really do think you should go see it, so I'll say what I liked and what I didn't like. 

Unnaturally attractive.
So the storyline itself is...a little convoluted. Maybe that's just me, maybe I was distracted by Chris Hemsworth's beautiful face and didn't pay enough attention. Basically (ha!), Malekith (Christopher Ecclestone) a dark elf, is trying to use some stuff, The Aether, to bring darkness about. Apparently he wants to go back to the state before the universe was created. Don't ask me why. Anywho, after he gets beaten the first time, The Aether is contained and Malekith runs away. But then it turns out there's this thing called the Convergence, linking the Nine Realms and creating portals which all leads to Jane Foster finding the hidden Aether and being taken by it. So then Thor has to come save her but Malekith has already sensed the awakening Aether and now he wants to destroy ALL the Nine Realms. Obviously. SO MUCH EXPLAINING. 
I understood the basics of the storyline, but Malekith (Ecclestone) really wasn't given enough time to explain and expand on his story, which was a shame because he had the potential to be really interesting. 
This is a much more action-packed film than the first. Kenneth Branagh had the tough job of creating a viable character and universe from such a difficult comic to adapt, whilst Alan Taylor gets to create a more action-centred universe, which he does with great skill. One particular realm-jumping action scene is especially impressive. As in, it's amazing.

My favourite thing about the Thor universe, has always been the family element and the central performances. Chris Hemsworth was born to play Thor, and quite willingly plays the straight man role against the more flamboyant role of
Loki played by Tom Hiddleston (love, so much). He is the necessary centre to the film that relies on his solid presence, leaving Hiddleston free to steal scenes where he pleases. Whilst Thor is the dependable hero, Loki is the mischievous, untrustworthy brother. When these guys are (finally) brought together, it's bloody brilliant. One of my problems with the film is that it focuses too heavily on the apparently epic relationship between Thor and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) rather than the bond between the brothers. The chemistry between Hemsworth and Hiddleston is so obvious that it jumps off the screen. And they're BFF'S in real life! The problem is, this makes the lack of chemistry with Portman so obvious. Whilst Natalie Portman is by no means a bad actress, she just doesn't fit in the film. In fact, the entire film slows down when the action moves to Earth or the Earth bound characters. Whilst Darcy (Kat Dennings) and Eric (Stellan Skarsgard) are very funny, they feel a little overused on occasion. The Asgard universe is so beautiful it becomes disappointing to leave and an unfortunate consequence of the excess Earth time, is that Thor's team get even less time. 

Another thing I loved about the film was the female element. Here, they weren't just damsels in distress or ornamental figures that are only used in the key moment, they are actually heroines! Sif is kick-ass and it would be great to see more of her doing that, Jane is a smart woman who can actually think for herself and Frigga is just awesome. Take note Marvel (and film industry in general), women CAN do things. Also, the cameos are top-notch. Chris O'Dowd is adorable and keep an eye out for a certain Avenger in a lol-tastic show. 

If you're seeing the film don't forget to hang about for the now-famous end credit scenes! The mid-credits scene is pretty excellent and essential, whilst the end credit scene is just cute. 
So there we go! If you've seen the film, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought! Also, if you're as much a Tom Hiddlesworth fangirl as me, we should start a club!

Peace out.



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